As a stylist and trusted adviser to your clients, the people who sit in your salon chair count on you for informed, reliable hair care and beauty tips. For example, it’s nice if you can tell them how to support healthy skin and hair with smart dietary choices, and if you give them the scoop on split ends. And another way to be helpful to your clients is to fill them in about some common wet hair mistakes.

If your clients do make any of the below wet hair mistakes after their showers or a swim, it’s a sure way to cause damage and an unhealthy appearance to their hair. Take a minute to caution them about these wet hair mistakes—especially if you spot signs of damage—and they’ll certainly thank you for it.

This a great way to bolster your role as more than just a hair stylist, but also as a trusted beauty adviser. And that, in turn, increases customer loyalty, referrals, and tips, of course!

Common Wet Hair Mistakes


Wet hair is more fragile and prone to damage and breaks. Without getting too technical, the protein’s hydrogen bonds in strands of hair are weaker when the hair is saturated. This is the main reason these wet hair mistakes are to be avoided.


  1. Brushing knots and tangles out of wet hair. Explain to your clients that they’re much better off brushing out their hair before they shower, while it’s dry. This greatly reduces the risk of split ends and breaks resulting from this essential part of hair care.
  1. Brushing wet hair with hard, stiff bristles. It’s still necessary to brush your hair when it’s wet. Using a brush with soft, plaint bristles is the key to avoiding damage and breaks.
  1. Brushing wet hair hard, fast, aggressively, or carelessly. Along with using gentle bristles, your clients should also use gentle motions. Wet hair needs to be brushed lovingly, with slow, careful strokes to avoid pulling, tearing and breaking. They should start at the ends and work their way up to the roots, holding the section of hair they’re working on in their hand.
  1. Putting wet hair in a ponytail or up in a bun. This is a good way to break hair and to make it look less healthy and more lifeless once it’s dry.
  1. Vigorously rubbing hair dry with a towel. Rubbing motions tangle, damage, and potentially break strands of hair. Instead, make sure your clients know to wrap sections of their wet hair in a soft towel and gently squeeze it.
  1. Blow drying sopping wet hair. Mostly, this is just inefficient, as soaking wet hair takes a long time to dry with a blow dryer. But the prolonged heat exposure does increase the risk of split ends and other damage. It’s much better to squeeze hair dry with a towel first.
  1. Using heated hair tools on wet hair. Applying a straightener, curling iron, or other hot hair tool to wet hair is one of the most egregious wet hair mistakes. Basically, it boils the moisture in and on the hair, essentially cooking the hair and causing serious weakening, damage, and loss of aesthetics.

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