Some are retro and making a comeback, while others are newly emerging, but all these trending women’s hairstyles for 2019 are quickly gaining popularity! Hair stylists around the country are seeing increasing demand for these ‘dos, and industry experts project that it’ll keep up through the year. So, brush up on these looks and be prepared for requests, and to introduce your clients to them!

Hot Women’s Hairstyles in 2019

  1. Beehives – That’s right… this fun, funky, attention-grabbing look from the 1960s is coming back in a big way this year!
  1. Blunted Bob – The trend is moving away from layered hair and mid-length bobs; instead, a sharp bob falling somewhere from the jawline to just above the shoulder is more en vogue.
  1. Braid Pressing – This look starts with a strong center part, with the hair braided or crimped starting about 2 inches out from the part.
  1. Colored Tips – Coloring just the last few inches—or using two or more dyes from base to tips—is a style that’s been catching on in a big way recently, and it’s only spreading!
  1. Curtain Bangs – Face-framing bangs have been increasing in popularity for about a year now, and this simultaneously simple and sophisticated look is set to peak in 2019!
  1. Fringed Bob – Another short bob set to trend in a big way is this choppy, squared-off variant with heavy bangs that ideally falls midway between the cheekbone and the jawline.
  1. Grown-Out Pixie – Women wanting a short cut this year might try this slightly shaggy pixie look, which offers a bit more length and body than the traditional version.
  1. Microbraids – These are exactly what they sound like! This mini braiding can look fabulous running across the part, and it can sit under the hairline to add volume.
  1. Pintura – This highlighting technique for curly hair is labor-intensive because it requires hand-painting the curls without foils, but the results are absolutely stunning!
  1. Rounded Bob – 2019 may be the year of the short bob! This elegant, classic retro version with rounded sculpting and minimal layering is definitely back!

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